Upcoming Recital – Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014

A recital of (mostly) piano music composed and performed by Minneapolis composer Corey Sevett at Grace University Lutheran Church on the U. of Minn. campus, 324 Harvard Street, 55414.

Minneapolis composer Corey Sevett will perform a recital of his music for piano on Sunday, November 9, 2014. He will perform eight piano compositions written in the last five years. The event will also include Sevett’s Sonata for cello and piano, with cellist Rosa Thompson-Vieira, and his work for violin and piano, featuring violinist Gary Schulte. The recital will be held at Grace University Lutheran Chuch, 324 Harvard Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414.

“After years of writing for other musicians, I decided to start writing music for piano for myself to play. I have performed these pieces for friends and family, and look forward to presenting them to the public,” says Sevett. “I am also thrilled to be performing with Gary and Rosa.”

Many of the pieces he will play were inspired by “assignments” that a local composers group regularly gives themselves, such as gestures, rhythmic or harmonic ideas, or visuals. “It is surprising to me how inspirational a simple idea can be at generating an entire music work,” said Sevett. “One of my favorite pieces I will play was based on the idea of ‘motion outward to inward.’ I plan to give listeners some insight as to the inspiration from which the music sprung.”

Master violinist and improviser Gary Schulte will be featured in a performance of a structured improv piece for piano and violin, created in 1988. Gary and Corey premiered the music live at a concert of modern dance, and have performed it at other concert venues. Gary will also perform a solo improv from audience suggestions.

For directions and parking, visit www.graceattheu.org